Wine On Tap

What is Wine on Tap?

An intoxicating innovation in wine drinking has been emerging in trendy California restaurants:  Wine on tap.  But now, this exciting concept is rapidly catching fire all across the nation, as wine kegs open up new markets for wineries and rejuvenate the wine industry.
Wine on tap has massive appeal for the restaurant, the winery, and, of course, the eager consumer.  These advantages are environmental and economic, but quality is first and foremost.  Kegs simply keep wine tasting like it should–when a keg is tapped, the contents become pressurized by an inert gas and prevent oxygen from ever touching the wine, eliminating the waste that comes with serving wines by the glass.  And since the wine is served at a consistent level of ideal quality, it stays fresh, from the first glass to last–there is no oxidation, no corkage, no spoilage.  Wine tastes exactly as the winemaker intended.
Environmentally, the benefits of wine on tap are markedly Earth-friendly.   Each keg put into service will save 2,340 lbs. of trash over its lifetime by eliminating unnecessary packing bottles, corks, labels, and foil.   Furthermore, wine sold by the glass accounts for up to 80% of wine sold in restaurants–if only 10% of that wine came served from a keg, 600 million bottles could annually be diverted from our landfills!Kegs also lessen the transported weight of bottled wine, which contributes to the industry’s transportation carbon emissions.
Why not give it a try?  While kegged wine clearly has so multiple advantages for the environment, hospitality and wine industries, budding oenophiles can now sample a variety of remarkable wines with a minimum of hassle.   The best selection of bouquets, under the best of settings.  Live a little!
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