About The Owners

About the owners

Jayme and Lis Mathis first met over twenty years ago, when Texas boy Jayme fell in love at first sight with the Californian-cosmopolitan Lis. Soon, they began their lives together, moving to Colorado with their one-year old son. They remained there for a little over a year, playing in the snow and enjoying successful management roles in the restaurant industry. But Colorado winters can be cruel, and missing the milder seasons, they packed up and headed to Philadelphia where Lis has family. With their management experience, they jumped into the retail world there and worked their way up at a rapid pace. Not long after, Lis gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. After spending several years working long and opposite shifts in the retail industry, they felt it was time for one last move. “Texas here we come!” said Jayme, but Lis had reservations about Texas. Big city girl in a small town, YIKES!!! But indisputably, Texas is one of the best places to raise a family. So they packed and headed to Cibolo Texas, where the schools and community are top-notch. They’ve now lived in the area over 13 years, having built a successful business in Schertz, raising a family, and interacting with the growing community. They recently started looking for a fresh challenge and fell in love with the old house at 207 N. Main Street in historic Cibolo. They welcome this opportunity to not only create a premiere Wine and Ale destination, but to also engage their new friends in the unique experience this entertaining township provides.

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